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Farm and Art Therapy are for people of all ages.  You may find that you learn new skills and/or revisit/develop old ones.
While being on the farm, you will be in the ‘here and now’.  You may find that you are able to reconnect with your emotions, rather than be stuck in a repetitive cycle of less helpful feelings and thoughts.

This form of therapy will benefit people who are feeling lost with their emotions and are seeking a way to find balance in their lives.

Farm and art therapy will appeal to people who like to be active, creating a shared experience.


We have a flock of Shetland sheep. They are a small, primitive breed of sheep, retaining many of their wild qualities. They are too small for commercial farmers, but they suit us well! They produce very tasty meat high in omega oils. They have lovely soft wool in many different natural shades, grey, black, beige, dark brown, white, moorit and all the colours in between! They graze on a varied diet of grass, flowers, stinging nettles, hedgerow plants and we believe this helps them to keep healthy, making them ideal for organic farming.


We keep free-ranging organic hens of many traditional breeds, they lay delicious eggs! They live in the fields with the sheep and horses, scratching and scavenging, displaying their natural behaviour. You will notice the chicken have a very strong, and direct age-related hierarchy. At times, the hens may go broody and hatch chicks.


We have two ponies and two horses, who give much opportunity for interaction, grooming and handling. Horses and ponies offer a lot in the way of therapy. They are responsive to people and have a large emotional brain. They are herd animals. Our small herd of four will enable you to observe their interaction. They also provide fantastic horse manure which we collect for our vegetable garden.

Owena & Ivan

I was a class teacher for twenty years and later an art therapist in the NHS. These experiences coupled with my childhood experience of being brought up on an arable and sheep farm have given shape to the unique experience at Baulcombes Barn.

I bought the smallholding in 2000 and from 2009, I developed it as a therapeutic farm space. Planting hedges, trees, and developing buildings to use with the animals as well as a studio/therapy room.

Ivan joined me in 2014. He brings his experience of working with people as a teacher and youth worker, organic fruit farming, building/construction and problem solving. His involvement has enabled Baulcombes Barn to develop.

We continue to study and learn more aspects of farming, wilding, therapy, especially equine.

This is a short film made by some clients in 2016 about their experience of farm therapy.

This film was made by Louise Hill-Hottinger, 
Chalk Square Media. 

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