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Welcome To 

Owena's Farm Therapies

A Therapeutic experience

Set in beautiful countryside near Lewes, East Sussex, we create a safe and challenging outdoor experience where participants can learn and develop skills, gaining deeper understanding about themselves and others.

We offer a therapeutic and educational experience on our small farm, learning about the farm animals:-  hens, sheep and ponies.

We encourage you to join in, enabling you to develop new skills, and greater self confidence.

We offer group sessions on the farm.

If at any time in our lives, we feel a need for support, help with understanding a difficulty or wish to reconnect to nature, art or animals, our small farm can help.

The areas where Baulcombes Barn may offer help are: 

  • feelings of isolation

  • depression

  • stress and anxiety

  • bereavement

  • eating disorders

  • family difficulties

  • times of illness and recovery from illness

  • drug and alcohol problems

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