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Owena's Farm Therapies

A Therapeutic experience

Set in beautiful countryside near Lewes, East Sussex, we create a safe and challenging outdoor experience where participants can learn and develop skills, gaining deeper understanding about themselves and others.

We offer a therapeutic and educational experience on our small farm, learning about the farm animals:-  hens, sheep and ponies.

We encourage you to join in, enabling you to develop new skills, and greater self confidence.

We offer group sessions on the farm; also Owena offers individual art therapy sessions.

If at any time in our lives, we feel a need for support, help with understanding a difficulty or wish to reconnect to nature, art or animals, our small farm can help.

The areas where Baulcombes Barn may offer help are: 

  • feelings of isolation

  • depression

  • stress and anxiety

  • bereavement

  • eating disorders

  • family difficulties

  • times of illness and recovery from illness

  • drug and alcohol problems


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Owena Lewis, registered HCPC Art Therapist
Owena Lewis - BAAT Practitioner